Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We are in Finland!

So far we are in love with our new country. It's cold, and rainy. Even though the temperature is staying above freezing (barely) there is still so much snow. Word on the street is that we should plan on it hanging around for about two more months. Not that it keeps anyone indoors. In the week that we've been here the boys (especially Truman)can't get enough. He puts on all his snow gear and plays outside until we force him to come in for food.

Almost everyday Henry and I walk to the grocery store to get the things we need for dinner. It's tricky trying to choose items when you can't read any of the labels. So far we've been lucky. We manage through the cashier transaction nodding and smiling. I try out lots of phrases on Google Translate and listen to the pronunciation countless times, but then when it's time to spring into action I get stage fright and can't remember anything.

I've considered trying some fake sign language in an effort to turn the tables. Or maybe even real sign language. I do know most of the alphabet after all. Plus or I could try out some stuff from my Baby Signing class from when Tru was a baby. I'd like to see the look on their smug Finnish speaking faces then. Of course I'm joking. I don't really remember any of it.

Both of the boys on one of our walks to get groceries.


The State of Our Family said...

WOW....FINLAND! Too cool (no pun intended). Can't wait to hear all about it. Your kids are looking so big! Time really flies. I loved your home leave post too. We start ours in a little less than two months now. I am starting to see what you mean by "spend all your money, uh, time..." It's certainly looking that way. But it will be fun! :) The Zion's Park picture definitely needs a frame!

The Langley Family said...

Thanks Mandi! Your kids are really growing too, I love Emma's gap toothed smile. Adorable.

Caroline said...

laughed my head off at this one! Keep it up! Miss you guys!

Shannon said...

Sounds great! I too am one of those stereo typical monolingual Americans, in spite of my best efforts to learn another language. In Germany I would sit down with the grocery list and google translate and it to German. It helped a lot. I still had no idea how to actually say the words but at least I recognized that the jar labeled schlagsahne was heavy whipping cream.