Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're Here!

Here we are in Manila. We've been here for three weeks already, and I can't decide if it feels more like three months or three days, which I guess is just about right.

We are beginning to find our way around our little part of the city, Fort Bonifacio. We live in a nice area that is not as busy as most other parts of Manila. We are in within walking distance to Market! Market! which is very convenient, considering we don't have our car yet and won't for at least another month. For now, we are happy to walk or take take a taxi which can be an adventure in itself. The Market is a crazy place where we can find anything we need, and plenty more we don't.

As if Market! Market! is not enough, we've also made brief visits to Mall of Asia and Green Hills Shopping center. Are you sensing a theme? Manila seems to be shopping crazy! Obviously,this place has so much more to offer, and we plan on experiencing it all. Okay, maybe not ALL of it, but most of it. We're looking forward to venturing outside of our new city and exploring the rest of the country.

We hope you'll stay tuned to our blog and join us on our adventure of raising a family while traveling the world.

Before school on Truman's first day at
International School Manila

Henry pointing out a Durian at Market! Market! Which he calls "The Durian Place." Although, he insists he doesn't want to taste them he makes sure to visit every fruit stand so he can point them out.

This is a little plant stand at Green Hills. Truman has a thing for cacti, and has started a collection. He was very upset with us for not agreeing to lug this beauty back home in our taxi.

The view from the boys' room, their very own construction site. These guys work well into the night, so we have serious construction action pretty much anytime. Could this be any better?