Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eleven Years and the Best Two Day Vacation Ever

On Sunday Steve and I celebrated our eleven year anniversary. I love that we got married on Labor Day weekend, which entitles us to a three day weekend pretty much every anniversary. This year we went to Boracay. To sweeten the deal we won a two night stay at a fabulous resort when Steve bought a boatload of raffle tickets at a charity raffle about six months ago. Since it wasn't a local holiday, the place was nearly deserted.

It would sound cheesy to call our get away magical, but that's the best way I can describe it.

We were greeted with fresh Dalandan juice and puka shell necklaces.

Best room, hands down...ever.

Same goes for the beach.

We ended our stay watching Fire Dancers on the beach. Sigh...


Moxie said...

Looks amazing!! Happy Anniversary to you and Steve :)

The State of Our Family said...

Stunning! What a great idea to get married on Labor Day! Way to think ahead! :) Looks like the trip truly was "magical".

Sara said...

How wonderful that you got to stay at Fridays! I've heard amazing things about it and from your photos it stood up to all the hype. Happy Anniversary! So great that you got to share the weekend with the boys too.

Sheralie said...

Looks lovely. Miss you all.